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Thursday, March 27, 2008



I hope you like my poem:


Let's find again paths which smell of coals
the sounds of the songs of always
the sweat of game
the light of place
the smile.
Let's find again the sublime step of freedom
We must expel fears
darkness and revenge.
Let's enjoy oblivion
as the man who is born now.

Let's rip off clothes and dress in mud and grass. Let's admire rambling ivy which endows the ruinous old house's front and let's play hide-and-seek in its garden. Let's search for fleeing kisses hidden between shadows. Let's sleep in a soft and gigantic bed without thoughts.


Passing Stranger said...

Hi, your Childhood poem is lovely :) Thanks for commending on my post. Too bad I can't read all your posts - it's in a language I do not understand. :) Anyway, some are better than none, I guess. :)

school for the girls said...

Hallo Heleneic,
Pleasure to meet you
Thanks for the nice and lovely poem too.
In the same way I will add your blog in my blog roll.

Many Kisses from Kenya

Princesa Errónea said...

No se en que idioma comentarte pero ya que comentaste en mi blog te agradezco .....

gracias ...